The story behind the team.


A little background...

Let us introduce ourselves. We're Gabe and Elena, a brother/sister duo that got our start in the attic of the farmhouse we grew up in. As kids, we forged our greatest ideas in the box-filled attic and wove stories from broken chandeliers and forgotten possessions. Growing up, our lives and interests were not just similar, but encouraged and ignited by each other. We built our wedding business together during college--brother and sister, side by side, filming and photographing and loving it. Dust Studios started with a coordinated film effort to advertise ourselves, and our first project was a film for a company, but quickly weddings and portraits took over the majority of our workload. We jumped out into the full-time workforce to support our families after college, and kept the Dust Studios fire burning on the side for 6 years, through marriages, children, and moves. Along the way we took side projects for Etsy sellers, musicians, companies, and little by little, our passion to creatively support and represent makers and hustlers grew. Enter: Attic Co. Finally, cities apart and growing in expertise, passion, and resolve, we have embarked on trail leading us towards you, and we're so glad you're here.