AirBnB Rental In Ames - A Short Promo Video

We had a blast working with an old client in the Houcks, and the newest project with them was documenting their latest AirBnB rental in a light, fun promo video. It was great to go into the project knowing what they wanted, and that enabled us to shoot for the shots we knew they wanted, and go right for it.

Documenting spaces, specifically interior spaces, is a unique challenge in that choosing cameras and lenses can drastically affect the way the audience imagines the space to feel. For example, a super wide lens on a full-frame sensor camera will create an illusion of space where there is no space. Or a long lens on a crop sensor can fail to show space that is truly there. Nevertheless, we chose a combination of kit in order to best show the reality of the space, and make it shine. It was a blast.

Austin Day - The Darkroom

Austin Day - The Darkroom

We have had the pleasure of knowing Austin Day for a couple years now, and while our friendship has involved just a few run-ins and weddings over the years, we quickly agreed that we should collaborate on something.

Austin is not only an incredibly talented photographer and jovial guy, but also has a lot of "hobbies" that could easily be professions in and of themselves. Not least of these is his affinity for film photography. This has fueled his passion to process his own film and delve deeper into the physical art form. Enter: The Darkroom.

We certainly had a blast collaborating with a friend on this project, but the satisfaction is found much more in learning and telling his story, with him.Only then does the true message and art come out.

We look forward to many more projects and collaborations with our peers!

Austin Day - The Darkroom - Teaser

Austin Day - The Darkroom - Teaser

An exciting project we have been working on for months has finally come to fruition! This is but a teaser, as the full video will drop on Monday! (7/10) Check here and our Facebook page to find it in full.

Product Photography

IMAGES TO INFORM and inspire.

Have you ever bought a product online or without having seen it in person, and received it only to feel it was misrepresented? It can be a very frustrating experience to receive a product and discover its a different color, different size, or has a different component than you thought. We understand that frustration and also how easy of an accident it is to create, and we're determined to not let you make it. We'll make sure color is accurate and scale is taken care of when necessary.


BUT. Don't let that frustration push you away from imagery-- you also need to use images to inform your customer. It would be even more frustrating to find a product online with a description, and no photograph! People are highly visual and struggle to understand, envision, and dream without imagery. A word picture is a start, but we are always itching for a visual illustration of what shade that hunter green blanket really is, how large that large-scale artwork is, and what pattern is in the "latticework" they mentioned. The best information we can give our customers is imagery that tells the truth.  So let's start with what is expected-- accuracy. There's no better way to establish trust in a business than to promote accurately and deliver honestly. 


But it doesn't all have to be boring, either. Once we establish what MUST be represented, then we can dream of what your product could be, and ultimately, help your customers dream too. Will a runner be taking it on a jog? Let's photograph the product with a runner, in action. Will it be a piece of decor that would standout on a mantle? Let's style a beautiful mantle and inspire decorating lovers. Will a young couple be using it to make dinner? Let's photograph a real couple in their kitchen and help people imagine it into their own lives. Whatever your product is, whatever your market is, we want to bring the two together with honest and inspiring imagery. 

So, what do you want your product to look like? Will it have an editorial edge? Will we put in in a lifestyle context? Do you want it clean and simple? Let's get to work.

Aerial Reel

Aerial Reel

We have had a blast spending the past year building knowledge and experience in utilizing aerial imagery! We like to do it well, and do it right, FAA Certified.

Makers Custom Blinds

Makers Custom Blinds

I never used to care about blinds. But now I can't help but notice them whenever walking into a room!

And that is all thanks to working with Ryan Seiler and Makers Custom Blinds. The level of genius engineering and craftsmanship on these pieces are immaculate, and they simply look stunning. Check out the video below to get a sense of some of the offerings they have, and to hear the passion behind the work that they do!

We had the pleasure of know Ryan and his family before working together, but this project was a blast to tackle with a friend, and collaborate on our ideas in order to make quality imagery that properly told his story and met his goals. 

Be sure to check back for more, regular content! And please check out Makers Custom Blinds!

Introducing: Attic Co.

Introducing: Attic Co.

Six years ago, in June of 2011, we launched Dust Studios.

We had a blast shooting anything and everything we could get our hands on, made a lot of great relationships, and experienced a lot of growth in our business and skill sets. Over time, the Dust Studios brand evolved into specializing in weddings and portraiture. It was what we did well and was always in demand. But we always maintained a desire to diversify and meet the growing need in the corporate world, and  meanwhile explore a new range of imagery and storytelling.

Enter: Attic Co.

As children, we grew up in an 1880s farmhouse with a lot of exciting nooks and crannies for the young imagination to explore. Our favorite was the attic. With the midday sun reflecting off of cobwebs and stirred dust, we let our imaginations loose and countless stories were born. We look back on those times fondly as inspiration for raw, passionate creativity. Moving on and up in life, our interests and passions stayed closely entwined, largely inspired by one another. Dust Studios was just the natural outpouring of our passions and imaginations, forged first in the attic.

Now, with 6 years in the professional photo and video industry, we have grown passionate about meeting the needs of other businesses. We've seen the need for imagery of all kinds in the business world-the need to not only stay afloat in a sea of lights and sound, but to sail mightily through it. And having been there ourselves, we want to help you through it. 

We have had the great opportunity to work with some incredible businesses, individuals, and brands over the years, and look forward to channeling that experience into a greater expanse of storytelling. You can see a great deal of our work by perusing the site, and keep your eyes peeled for new content that we will be throwing out over the next week, as well as many weeks to follow!