Six years ago, in June of 2011, we launched Dust Studios.

We had a blast shooting anything and everything we could get our hands on, made a lot of great relationships, and experienced a lot of growth in our business and skill sets. Over time, the Dust Studios brand evolved into specializing in weddings and portraiture. It was what we did well and was always in demand. But we always maintained a desire to diversify and meet the growing need in the corporate world, and  meanwhile explore a new range of imagery and storytelling.

Enter: Attic Co.

As children, we grew up in an 1880s farmhouse with a lot of exciting nooks and crannies for the young imagination to explore. Our favorite was the attic. With the midday sun reflecting off of cobwebs and stirred dust, we let our imaginations loose and countless stories were born. We look back on those times fondly as inspiration for raw, passionate creativity. Moving on and up in life, our interests and passions stayed closely entwined, largely inspired by one another. Dust Studios was just the natural outpouring of our passions and imaginations, forged first in the attic.

Now, with 6 years in the professional photo and video industry, we have grown passionate about meeting the needs of other businesses. We've seen the need for imagery of all kinds in the business world-the need to not only stay afloat in a sea of lights and sound, but to sail mightily through it. And having been there ourselves, we want to help you through it. 

We have had the great opportunity to work with some incredible businesses, individuals, and brands over the years, and look forward to channeling that experience into a greater expanse of storytelling. You can see a great deal of our work by perusing the site, and keep your eyes peeled for new content that we will be throwing out over the next week, as well as many weeks to follow!